9484 Teaching Online Courses


Learn to be an effective online instructor. Examine issues in teaching and learning online; instructor and student roles; instructional strategies for supporting diverse learners; methods of student assessment; online communication; classroom management; characteristics of online learning management systems. Projects put you in the role of instructor to practice what you learn.


Reflective Self Assessment Angela Lee 9484 Teaching Online Courses I entered this course with the mindset that taking on the role of an online instructor would be less stressful compared to the role of being a classroom teacher. I pictured the opportunity to be home more and away from home less. I also thought there would be less work and stress of dealing with parents in the role of a teacher if I chose to teach a virtual classroom in the place of an online college course. However, after this course I have discovered that only one part of my mindset of the role of an online instructor’s career is true according to what I believed prior to this course. The ability to work from anywhere does give a since of freedom in one respect and that part is true. An online instructor has the ability to work from home or anywhere online access is offered for that matter. After this course, I have discovered less work is a delusion and in fact it could actually take more time and effort in preparing for the class. More communication during the course is required as well as grading throughout the course. I have learned much of what is expected from an online instructor. The communication view of an online instructor was changed after this course as well. I was surprised to hear that even communicating by telephone is sometimes a must when teaching a virtual classroom. Communication is key and perhaps is needed more often than in a regular classroom setting. The SIS assignment gave me somewhat of an idea also of the job of an online instructor. One must think fast, be creative, pre-plan, encourage collaboration among peers, and much more. Planning ahead is a major part of the role of an online instructor. Collaboration and working with a team is a critical part of learning in an online classroom. Setting guidelines and management of those teams are another important part of being an online instructor. By participating in this course I have gained experience in finding truth about the real job of an online instructor and the importance of time management. After building a Team Wiki, I was able to research firsthand the importance of time management. Time will get away from you if it is not managed well. I learned some valuable strategies to put into practice.


Team Wiki Project for Online Instructors Artifact 1.

SIS Instructional VideoArtifact 2.